Monday, August 8, 2011

First post ever!

Hello Everyone!
My name is Stephanye and after a little more of a year reading nail blogs I have started my own. Nails blogs have given me so much and I want to join the party. I have always loved color and nail polish is the best way to express that love. I hope to share that love with you. 
This is Zoya Faye which is such a great sparkling color. I have never heard of Zoya until I started reading nail blogs. You can see the color shift in the additional photos. 


  1. Woo Hoo, welcome to the blog world!!!! Faye is a gorgeous color and it looks great on your hands :)

  2. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see this blog grow and change with time. Love your OPI post.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous polish! It has so many colors. :)

  4. Thank you Sandra. I love the combination of gold and purple. It's so pretty.